Blender Exporter for J2ME

Using our export script you can create M3G files (conform with JSR 184: Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME) in Blender.

How To Start

  • You need Blender 2.49a (download here), but it does not work with Blender 2.5 or newer, and Python 2.6.x (download here)
  • Copy our export script (download here) into the Blender script directory - normally C:\Programme\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts\ or user application directory. It depends how you installed Blender.
  • A new menu item will appear in Blender: "File" -> "Export" -> "M3G (.m3g, java)
  • Our script tries to export the current Blender scene into a M3G file.

You can download simple example Java framework to have a kick start.

This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Latest Script Version

Version 0.91 (incl. O3D 0.1) - Download here

Dialog and Options

Texturing Enabled Switches on/off export of textures and texture coordinates.
Attention: The Blender TextFace have to be switched for every
Texturing External The textures will be included in M3G file or exported in separate file
Lighting Enabled Turns on/off export of lights and normal
Attention: You can turn of lighting for one mesh with Blender Shadeless button
Ambiente Light An extra light object will be created to simulate ambiente light
Autoscaling Export tries  to use as much precision as possible
Otherwise: the the vertex coordinates are used as they are
Persp. Correction Turns on/off perspective correction in PolygonMode
Smooth Shading Turns on/off smooth shading in PolygonMode
All Armature Actions If an armature has more then one action, the script will tryto export all actions
As Java Source Generates Java source code: One Java class, which builds a 3D scene graph
M3G Version 2.0 Exports features, which are part of M3G Version 2.0
Game Physics Currently not implemented
O3D As JS Generates Html and JavaScript source code, which shows the current scene with Google O3D API in a browser
O3D As O3DTGZ Currently not implemented
Ok Generates a binary file conform with JSR-184  (extension *.m3g). Can be loaded with M3G Loader class.


Blender class camera, background   Blender class mesh, camera, lamp  Blender class mesh, camera, lamp  Blender class mesh IPO animation translate rotate size  more than one material per mesh, uv texture support  
RedWorld.blend  Cube.blend Gus.blend  move.blend

Blender Armature, action Blender Armature, more than one action 'Bebe' distributed by David Sanguinetti - Great respect Transparent material    

Version History


  • Blender works with SpotAngles 1..180 but M3G works only with 0..90
  • M3G use the 'half angle' (cut off angle) (Thanks to Martin Storsjö)
  • Error fixed: Texture coordinates was not calculated correct. (Thanks to Milan Piskla, Vlad, Max Gilead, Regis Cosnier ...)
  • New options in GUI: M3G Version 2.0 : Will export M3G files Vers. 2.0 and in future Game Physics

Older Version see embedded documentation in script 


About m3g export script